At this time we only have the ¾ mil Logo bags (item BL-250P), dispensers and signs in stock. Customers in need of the other bags, we sure hope this is not an inconvenience for you. Please be patient, they will be back soon, Thank you

Locking Single Roll Dog Bag Dispenser, Free Shipping

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Our starter deals come with an easy to mount, super strong, powder coated Single Roll Dog Waste Bag Dispenser and allows you to add bags for only $2.50 a roll and you can also add a sign at a Discounted Price.

Below you can see more sign information such as height and width, you can also click on each sign to see a larger version.

Sign #1 Sign #2 Sign #3 Sign #4
Yellow Green  Burgundy  Red
H: 6 3/8" H: 9 1/2"  H: 9 1/2"  H: 11 1/2"
W: 9 1/2" W: 9 1/2" W: 9 1/2" W: 9 1/2"