About Me

Hi, my name is Claude Mongeon, owner of DogBagsAndMore.com

Married to the same great gal since 1996, we have 3 kids, they are K-Lou a 12 year old Lemon Beagle, he’s a rescued hurricane Katrina survivor from Louisiana & Holly 6 yr old Terrier mix rescued from a drop off shelter in Lake City, FL and there is Newt, our rescued cockatiel.

One day back near the end of 2003 walking the dogs I went to the Dog Waste Bag dispenser at our dog walk only to find it empty and it stayed that way for days. A few days later I found out that the condo association where we lived decided that Dog Waste Bags were too expensive to supply.

In need of bags, I then went online to buy some for our family, only to discover how expensive they were.  I spent days and nights doing research. And thought “I found my new career” So, by February of 2004 I started DogBagsAndMore.com offering great prices, quality bags, reliable service and speedy shipping.

Thank you for reading and shopping DogBagsAndMore.com