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Biodegradable Bags, How They Work

Commitment to the environment

Yes, in-plant materials (trimmings, scrap, etc.) are normally recycled and
recycled materials used is about 20% for degradable/biodegradable and
5% for non-degradable end products. This will ensure that quality of the end
products is not compromised. Additionally, post-consumer plastics can
also be recycled in existing recycle streams provided they have not already
started to degrade.

What are the end products of biodegradation and do they have any harmful
effect on the environment?

The end products of biodegradation are carbon dioxide, water and biomass.
Extensive studies and tests have been conducted by EPI with internationally
recognized laboratories and institutions to confirm that they do not leave
harmful or toxic residues to the environment.

For much more detailed information on our biodegradable bags please go
to: http://www.epi-global.com/

Storage: We recommend storing of your bags in a climate controlled environment. Heat, humidity and light will accelerate the degradation time. Always keep the bags under 90 degrees with the humidity remaining under 50% and keep the bags in a box or in something that will block out light.

Shelf life: In the above recommended storage conditions the bags will be fine for up to 18 month. The more heat, the more humidity and the more light, specially if combined increases the degradation time.

Degradation time: Our bags degradation timing varies greatly depending on all conditions mentioned above. In the perfect conditions the bags will start degradation anywhere between 12 and 24 months.