At this time we only have the ¾ mil Logo bags (item BL-250P), dispensers and signs in stock. Customers in need of the other bags, we sure hope this is not an inconvenience for you. Please be patient, they will be back soon, Thank you

Tell a Friend and Get Rewarded

Hi, would you like to save on your order?

Then tell a friend about us and we will give you 15% off your next order. Plus, we will give your friend 10% off of their first order.

It's that easy to save, here is how:

Simply use the email below to give us your name and email address and your friends name. We'll do the rest.

Here are all the rules:

  • Your friend has to be a new customer
  • Your friend cannot have the same address as you
  • Your friend must order before you you get your reward (no worries your discount will be noted on your account and will never expire)
  • Your discount will apply to the same quantity as what your friend purchased. Ex: Friend bought 5 rolls = Your discount applies to your next 5 rolls
  • No limit to how many friends and no limit to how many rolls