At this time we only have the ¾ mil Logo bags (item BL-250P), dispensers and signs in stock. Customers in need of the other bags, we sure hope this is not an inconvenience for you. Please be patient, they will be back soon, Thank you

Our Price Guarantee

We know we have the best prices you will ever find. We do the research regularly. But obviously we cannot cover every Dog Waste Bag seller that is out there.

Pretty certain it's not possible, but If you do ever find a better price, we will not just match it, we will beat it!

If you actually do find a lower price than ours, let us give you 10% off of their price.

There is just one thing we ask of you. Please be sure you are comparing the same products. Although we do usually even beat the regular plastic bag prices that are out there, well some we may not?

So please remember to compare to bags that are also Biodegradable.

Use our "Contact Us" page and send us the link or proof of price.